Help for troubled teens and their families

Educational and Therapeutic SPECIALISTS and Mentors

Specializing in Support for Neurodiverse Adolescents and Young Adults.

Is Your Teen or Young Adult Struggling? We Can Help:

  • Transitioning to Independence
  • Working towards Post Secondary Options
  • Struggles Related to Developmental Disabilities, Learning Challenges, and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Challenging and/or Defiance Behaviors
  • Clinical Issues

The Romeyn Collective provides support for adolescents, young adults and parents at any step in the journey.

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We are a Consulting Group Comprised of Doctors, Counselors, Educators and Mentors

With years of experience and one of the most committed teams in the industry, The Romeyn Collective is dedicated to helping young adults and their parents through difficult transitions and traumas.

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The Romeyn Collective can help students reach their highest potential

A Care Strategy Designed Just for You

Our Intake Process is Comprehensive and Our Support is Customized

From identifying the right post-secondary situation for your neurodiverse teen to helping you develop the communication and parenting skills necessary for navigating adolescent defiance and/or clinical behavior issues, the Romeyn Collective roster of services are designed for successful outcomes.

  • Therapeutic and Educational Placement Consulting
  • Parent Education and Support
  • Case Coordination
  • Psycho-Educational and Mindfulness Groups
  • Integrative College Counseling
  • Vocational Assessments
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We Offer Personalized Care with Nationwide Reach

The Romeyn Collective is based in Los Angeles, California, but we serve clients nationwide. Our founder and clinical director, Jessica Romeyn travels extensively throughout the country visiting and vetting programs to make sure all placement recommendations are based on the most current program evaluations. Although clinically trained, Jessica is not an acting licensed mental health professional and will often refer clients to choose from a list of professionals and programs for therapeutic support. Additionally, Jessica has no financial relationship with any mental health professional or program.

Our recommendations are 100% unbiased, and we do not accept payment for placement from any institution. Contact us today to learn more.
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