Given the many choices in behavioral health programs and providers, it can be difficult to discern the most appropriate and reputable treatment option. The Romeyn Collective remains current on changes in the field by visiting treatment centers and utilizing our extensive network of professionals. This allows us to connect clients to clinically appropriate, high-quality, residential programs, wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, specialized summer opportunities, and young adult supportive living solutions.

During a treatment placement consultation, we will gather background information from any or all of the following people: family members, clinical professionals, and the person with the current issue. We review available psychological testing and/or diagnostic assessments to obtain a comprehensive clinical picture. Based on the information obtained in the process, we will generate a report with recommended treatment options and will help facilitate admission to the selected facility.

Once enrolled in the facility, The Collective will continue to support your family and the client by communicating with the program, monitoring progress, and reviewing treatment plans for the duration of the contract.

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High school seniors are often faced with the challenge of deciding what will come next. The Romeyn Collective specializes in creative solutions for those who are interested in pursuing an alternative to the four-year traditional college setting.

Alternatives can include:

  • Gap Year (Domestic & International)
  • Community College
  • Vocational Programs
  • Supportive Living Solutions
  • 5th-Year Senior Boarding Opportunities

Our team members have traveled across the globe exploring the options. We’ll  provide your family with a holistic plan that will inspire and encourage growth and opportunities.



A Career Guidance Tool Designed to Help You Find Your Passion

The Romeyn Collective is now an official practitioner of the Greenwood Assessment, a career, interests, and academic assessment tool for individuals looking for deeper insights to help guide their path forward. The assessment, which is a short series of questions that is easily administered at home or in an office is evaluated by one of our specialists who then help chart a course for education and/or professional training based on the insights revealed through the assessment.

The Greenwood Assessment has help thousands of young people identify satisfying career paths, and we are thrilled to be able to offer this service to our clients.

Parent Mentoring

At The Collective we like to take a holistic approach to care by including all members of the client’s family. We support parents through an objective process of interactive sessions covering both coach-led and parent-led topics personalized to their unique situation and family dynamic.

We offer services such as:

  • Psycho-Educational Groups
  • Monthly Support & Education Groups for Clients & Families
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We serve clients that are applying to colleges for the first time or re-entering after a brief hiatus. We specialize in working with students that are struggling with learning challenges, have Autism Spectrum, or are in the process of recovery.

We offer services such as:

  • Transcript Review & Repair
  • Full-Spectrum College Consulting
  • Essay Development
  • Creation of College Lists

We also offer a comprehensive review of any clinical documents that could provide insight and support during the application and selection process.


Individuals with complex clinical profiles often have large teams of professionals working with them to address a range of specific needs. While this approach can help ensure that an array of therapeutic needs are met, it can also create communication challenges and, at times, be confusing to family members.

The Romeyn Collective care coordination services facilitate an open dialogue between therapists, psychiatrists, clinical coaches, and other treatment team members. The Collective will work to organize and centralize information to ensure that decisions around a client’s care are made collectively and in an informed manner. Our services can be offered in person or remotely and can be used as monitoring tools for advisors and trustees.

If a team does not exist and the client would like to develop a comprehensive program, The Collective can provide assistance in forming a treatment team in the client’s local area that includes relevant professionals (e.g; specialized therapist, educational specialists, psychiatrist, nutritionist, addiction counselor, additional community-based resources).


We’re HerE to help

We’re ready to meet with you and your family to gather critical information including – the reason for your referral, a history of symptoms, any previous treatment, and current level of functioning. After this initial intake, we’ll recommend a level of service and provide you with a detailed breakdown.