Understanding Comprehensive Evaluations and How it Can Support My Child’s Learning?

Often times, when children struggle in school, parents, providers, and educators see only symptoms of the [...]

Team Member Spotlight

Meet Dr. Jennie Hall This year we have been collaborating with Dr. Jennie Hall, who is [...]

Mental Health Awareness Week

World Mental Health Day is on October 10. All of us struggle with some level [...]

Virtual Conference – Moving Forward from 2020

In August, Dr. Romeyn along with Dr. Don Grant and Robert Scholtz participated in a [...]

Dr. Gwen Palafox Hosts YouTube Channel, “disABLED and Empowered,” Features Dr. Jessica Romeyn as Guest

In July, Dr. Romeyn was interviewed by Dr. Palafox for her new YouTube channel, “disABLED [...]

Team Spotlight

In August, Dr. Steven Mercer, college consultant and collaborator with the Romeyn Collective wrote a [...]

Virtual Conversation Starters – Dr. Jessica Romeyn and Dr. Gwen Palafox

In July, Dr. Romeyn and Dr. Palafox co-hosted a conversation entitled, “Fostering Autonomy and Resilience [...]

Finding the Heart In College Decision Making

When you know that college is definitely the path you or your student wants to [...]