Team Member Spotlight


Meet Dr. Jennie Hall

This year we have been collaborating with Dr. Jennie Hall, who is a Director of TRIO Student Support Services at Utah Valley University. She has spent more than a decade guiding adolescents and young adults toward self-actualization. She believes the key to a happy and hopeful life lies in realizing one’s individual talents and gifts and connecting them to their future path.

Jennie has designed a process that draws out an individual’s identifiable gifts and ways of being and reflects them back in a way that resonates as truth and allows them to embrace and magnify their uniqueness.


She intuitively combines the results of these assessments with observations made through the interview process to paint a picture that expands the individual’s perception of themselves, shifts their language from confused or hope-less about their future to excited and hope-ful for their future, and creates an understanding and framework to guide individuals towards future goals.

This process includes gathering qualitative data from the individual and those who know them well and administering the Greenwood System career assessment and Clifton’s Strengths Finder to capture a broader spectrum of their personality, talents, and natural abilities. To learn more about Dr. Hall click here. To schedule a time to meet with Dr. Hall please click here.