The Romeyn Collective is a cadre of therapeutic learning and educational specialists, doctors, licensed therapists, counselors and mentors unified in their desire to effectively guide families in need. Led by Dr. Jessica Romeyn, the collective provides neurodiverse and at-risk teens and young adults with coaching, support, guidance and therapeutic placement.

The Romeyn Collective - Support and Understanding for Challenging Times


We are therapeutic learning and educational specialists who believe that in order to make effective choices for your family, you need some measure of hope.

And in order to feel hopeful, you need to know that you are supported and understood.

The Romeyn Collective strives to provide that hope and support with services delivered by a compassionate, qualified team. Our aim is to match client families with the professional within our Collective that is best suited to deliver the relevant education, information and opportunity for moving forward into effective, sustainable, solutions.

The Romeyn Collective is completely independent and receives no payment or compensation from therapeutic providers. We work solely for the benefit of our families and clients, and we adhere to the standards of excellence and principals of good practice.

I’m not a parenting expert. In fact, I’m not sure that I even believe in the idea of ‘parenting experts.’  I’m an engaged, imperfect parent and a passionate researcher. I’m an experienced mapmaker and a stumbling traveler. Like many of you, parenting is by far my boldest and most daring adventure.

– Brené Brown
Research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work.

Jessica Romeyn head of Educational Consultants at Romeyn Collective
Dr. Jessica Romeyn

Dr. Jessica Romeyn
Founder/Clinical & Educational Consultant

Dr. Jessica Romeyn has more than a decade of expertise in educating and treating individuals with and without special needs across their lifespan. She is passionate about working with and supporting emerging adults during challenging transitions. Her breadth and depth of experience has helped her to develop the core belief that all individuals require individual and unique consideration, and there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapeutic intervention.

Jessica is known for her comprehensive and relatable style and is dedicated to working with students and parents in the creation of customized treatment plans and locating treatment programs that offer appropriate clinical care. Jessica has placed over 200 clients and visited over 150 programs nationwide. She consistently visits new programs, attends professional conferences, and is well educated in the community-based resources located in and around the greater Los Angeles area.

Jessica offers a personalized approach tailored to her clients’ individual needs. To that end, she regularly meets families in their homes or at a location that is convenient for them. Though based in Los Angeles, she regularly works with families across the country.

Jessica is a Professional member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), Therapeutic Consultants Association (TCA) & National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP).

CV Available Upon Request


Dr. Gwen Palafox
PhD - Transitional Age Youth Specialist

Dr. Palafox is a clinical psychologist who has been actively changing the lives of individuals with special needs for over the past two decades. Known for her engaging and direct style, Dr. Palafox brings compassion, humor, and honesty to her work. Dr. Palafox is passionate about promoting the happiness and wellbeing of adults with special needs, with an emphasis on reducing the friction of transition to adult life. Her expertise has been shared through local and global workshops, a TEDx event, serving as an expert witness, and in collaboration with other engaged professionals. You can also visit Gwen’s new You Tube Channel, “disABLED and Empowered”


Dr. Steven Mercer
Ed.D. - Integrative College Consultant

Steven Mercer, Ed.D. is an experienced educator with an extensive background in selective college admission, counseling, teaching, and academic and non-profit leadership. He recently served as the Director of College Counseling at Shalhevet High School in Los Angeles and is an adjunct faculty member for the online college counseling certificate program at UCSD Extension. In this capacity, he trains professional college counselors from around the world. Steven has taught courses in student success and retention in the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership program at California Lutheran University and frequently works as a consultant to offices of admission at schools across the country. Prior to these endeavors, he was an admission officer at the highly selective University of Southern California.

Every situation is unique and every family is different. That’s why our services and approaches are customized to your individual needs. Read more on our services page.