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Dr. Steven Mercer


In August, Dr. Steven Mercer, college consultant and collaborator with the Romeyn Collective wrote a must-read article about college admissions titled, “Has the World of College Admission Changed Forever?”

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Change in College Admissions


Parent Coach Sarah Mack Gives Tips on Parenting During
a Pandemic

Sarah Mack Pic

Sarah Mack, parent coach and Romeyn Collective collaborator offers tips for parents who may be struggling right now. “Parenting is challenging under the best of circumstances. Parenting during a pandemic takes that challenge to a whole new level.”

As we head into the fall with so many layers of uncertainty, many parents are struggling to navigate through the unknown. But while it is difficult to find balance in a world that feels so completely out of control, you do not have to navigate this alone.

Credentialed Parent Coach, Sara Mack Can Help You:

  • Develop a routine and structure that fits your individual family’s needs.
  • Determine a self-care routine that will allow you to stay as balanced as possible.
  • Create a plan for daily activities that will help your children stay healthy, both physically and mentally.
  • Explore communication tools to stay connected with your children during challenging times.
  • Discuss how to manage technology during a time when it’s often the only way for kids to stay connected to peers.

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If you are a parent in need of support during this difficult time, please consider The Romeyn Collective as a resource. We are standing by and ready to support you as you navigate the challenges that come with parenting during a pandemic. Please call us at (323) 362-2934.