The Romeyn Collective LGBTQ Program Evaluation


For Those in Need of LGBTQ Resources – The Romeyn Collective Is Dedicated to the Task of Finding the Best

When it comes to supporting young people that are LGBTQ identified and in particular Trans young people, as an industry, we are essentially still in the dark ages.  And even when exceptional, compassionate and empathetic LGBTQ resources for young people and their families become available, finding them can be difficult. On both the therapeutic side and the client side, there are still so many questions regarding policies, procedures and best practices. This makes us, as a therapeutic community, a work in progress and signifies an opportunity to grow and develop in a way that best serves the young people who need us most.

It’s my mission to connect LGBTQ youth and their families with the right support system and program opportunities.

As an LGBTQ youth advocate and consultant, I’ve made it my mission to seek out and evaluate currently available LGBTQ programs in the hopes of developing a body of resources that will provide safe, compassionate care in an environment designed to foster healthy personal development. I seek out programs and spaces that are invested in the well-being of LGBTQ individuals and their families. These are the programs that provide tools to not only address mental health and/or substance abuse issues, but also to help clients and their families navigate the at-times choppy waters of community – both within the family and externally within social groups, work and school. Finally, these are the programs that address the critically important internal processes – communicating with the self, building self-esteem, attaining personal value and developing the inherent confidence that comes with self-love and acceptance.


Resources Are Evaluated Based on Their Capability to Serve the Specific Needs of the LGBTQ Community

My job is to assess for safety and staff education and evaluate the treatment protocols and educational resources as they apply specifically to the LGBTQ youth population. This evaluative process is conducted through the lens of my advocacy for LGBTQ youth and their families because that is and will always remain my first priority.

I entered this therapeutic field ready to shake things up because these kids deserve the best. They deserve respect. They deserve understanding. And they deserve a chance to live their authentic selves and be celebrated for it. Meanwhile, their families deserve a supportive environment where they can learn what LGBTQ, gender and/or sexual identity is all about. Together, we’ll navigate these new waters so that no one feels alone.

My Job Is to Help, To Support and To Challenge Institutions, even those deemed progressive, can always improve. If an institution states they take LGBTQ young people, I’m going to ask the hard questions to make sure they are doing what they say. I can bridge the communication gap between families, their young person, and the institution. Advocating and honoring is what I strive to do. I support my clients (both family and young person), and I acknowledge the process of healing. There are a lot of things happening for these families when they finally seek help; it is my job to help them get to where they need to go, to the best possible place, for the best possible outcome.

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